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Our Products

We provide an wide range of industrial utility chemicals raw materials as well as substrates of natural and synthetic origin, and are famed for their class defining purity. Following is a list of wide range categories to which our products belong:


  • Shellac
    • Shellac Dewaed Bleachedlac Powder
    • Shellac Arsenic Free
    • Shellac Flakes
    • Buttonlac
    • Shellac B.TN.
    • Shellac Wax
  • Minerals
    • Talcum Powder
    • Calcium Carbonates (PPT)
    • Calcium Carbonates (Oyster)
    • Magnesium Stearates
    • Kaolin
  • Gums
    • Gum Acacia
    • Gum Arabic
    • Gum Rosin
    • Gum Benzoin
  • Wax & Petroleum Products
    • Beeswax White / Yellow
    • Carnubawax
    • Shellac Wax
    • Emulsifying Wax Ionic / Non Ionic
    • Microcrystalline Wax
    • Cosmetics Wax
    • Petroleum Jelly White / Yellow
    • Liquid Paraffin Heavy / Light
  • Aloe Vera Gel / Liquid
  • Jajoba Oil Seed Powder

Quality Assurance

In industrial synthesis and manufacturing processes, even minute changes in chemical characteristics and concentration variable due to either usage of inferior grade substrates or negligence can have drastic repercussions and can lead to deterioration in quality of the entire batch. Such huge loss of time as well as capital & reputation can be very taxing and to help you avert the same, our company offers you only the best grade minerals and petrochemical substrates that have been sourced exclusively from certified vendors who are trusted names, that too after careful assessment of their acumen and background. Moreover, the products we procure are greenlit after stringent quality checks pertaining to their chemical and physical stability and suitability in their respective usage scenarios, making sure they excel at their utility and end up satisfying the customers, providing them greater returns on their investment.

Why Choose Us?

Deepak & Co. is one of the most reputed and revered names in the domain with a wide base of loyal patrons and clients dispersed across the globe, whose immense trust in our company and faith in the quality of our offerings lends credibility to our claims of excellence. We cater to the demands of clients hailing from varied industrial backgrounds and to fulfill their demands through our range of best-in-class minerals and petrochemicals products, that come with a guarantee of pristine chemical composition and efficacy, which are complemented by world class services. Mentioned below are a few remarkable attributes associated with our operations and policies that shed more light on our being an ideal choice and are worth a look:

  • Supreme quality products
  • Quality tested and approved
  • Available at reasonable price points
  • Wide supply chain network
  • Excellent international presence
  • Fully transparent proceedings
  • Stellar transportation services, assuring timely shipping and delivery
  • Ethical business policies