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Offering best grades of Shellac, Chemicals & Solvents, Minerals, Waxes & Petroleum Products of standard quality most competitive rates...

About Us

As far as the modern industries are concerned, the usage of laboratory synthesized substrates has multiplied but it has no way had any impact of the utility of naturally derived raw materials, whose unique chemicals characteristics make them an indispensable resource.

With the aim of providing refined versions of the latter to customers, Deepak & Co. was established in the year 1974 and started dealing in Shellac, Industrial Chemicals & Solvents, Minerals, Waxes, Gums, etc. We are offering Shellac in all grades such as Shellac Dewaxed Bleachedlac Powder, Shellac Arsenic Free, Shellac Flakes, Buttonlac, Shellac B.TN., Shellac Wax, etc. We are consistently supplying all these chemicals products to various industries which include confectionery, cosmetics, electricals, pharmaceuticals, printing inks, etc. all over India. We assure to provide standard quality products at most competitive rates, on time delivery of orders and prompt services. Which leads to long term relationship with our customers .

Decades that rolled forth helped us gain a solid footing in the market and solidify our status as a trusted names, the credit for whom goes to our quality policy and superior quality products, which proved to be highly popular. Thanks to the relentless efforts of our ambitious workforce, we have emerged as an eminent Manufacturer Wholesaler/Distributor, Supplier Exporter and Trader.

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Shellac Dewaxed Bleachedlac Powder
Powder is ideal for Printing Ink, Paper, Lacquers, Furniture Polish, Confectionery Industries.
Shellac Dewaxed Flakes
Shellac Dewaxed Flakes is ideal for Printing Ink, Varnishes, Fruit Coating Industries.
Ideal for Metalic Lacquers, Furniture Varnish, Metal Polish, Jwellery Industries,